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Saturday 12th October

3pm to 5pm

Price: £22

This very special 2-hour workshop will introduce you to yin yoga poses or enhance your yin yoga practise, allowing you to go deeper physically, mentally and emotionally. All postures are seated or lying down on front or back and held between 4-6 minutes (some more or some less) with a focus on breath and meditation.

Unlike conventional yoga, we stress the connective tissues rather than stretch the muscle, which strengthens muscles and protects the joints. Yin is great if you have a hectic lifestyle and/or if you suffer from tight hamstrings, tight achilles, lower back and knee pain. 

In the workshop we will focus on:


  • Breathing techniques used in yin yoga practice

  • Chinese and Indian history

  • Anatomy and meridians

  • Nervous system and stress response

  • Samaskara (habitual thought patterns)

  • 10 yin yoga poses to relax body and mind and open joints

  • Meditation

  • Relaxation


Helen Barefoot 

Guiding soon to be mammas through the 4 Trimesters of Pregnancy and supporting the physical and emotional needs.

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Price: £22

About this Event

The Preparation for Birth Workshop is designed to guide women through their pregnancy journey of all 4 trimesters and teaching yoga practices which can have a positive influence on both Mother and baby. We will work on posture and alignment, pelvis stability and exercises to relieve common symptoms such as (PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) and PSD (Pubic Symphysis Disorder) and introduce breathing techniques to support the engagement of baby, balancing out the nervous system to aid stress response.

Workshop will involve:

  • Rest, relaxation, breathing and nurture

  • Physical and emotional support for adaptation to change

  • Yoga for alleviating heartburn, fatigue and lower back pain

  • Strengthen muscles to support baby growth

  • Pelvic floor awareness

  • Expand breathing capacity

  • Build connection with baby

  • Promote positive relations between mother and baby

  • Prepare for labour and birth

Helen Barefoot